At ZEC Consulting the most important thing is customer satisfaction

To this end we pay special attention to the human side of the business coupled with a technical consulting designed for and by your company that will allow you to achieve an optimal economic result and other personal goals that will help you feel completely satisfied.

The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction.

And this is not just a slogan, its true that for us, without a shadow of a doubt, our clients satisfaction is the most important thing.

And to achieve this we pay special attention to the businesses human side; we analyse every clients personal profile; we try to find out what moved them become entrepreneurs; what they expect from their business; what degree of risk and uncertainty they are prepared to take; what goals they want to reach.

All this paired with quality technical consulting puts us in a position to offer or clients a global vision of their business, integral consulting designed by and for their company, valuable advice that will not only help achieve optimal economic results but also those other goals that will help them feel completely satisfied.

In a team no-one is indispensable, but each and every of its members are necessary.

Working together, co-ordinated, immersed in a process of continuous training, taking advantage of synergies that he common effort generates, always with our goal in view, our objective, our reason for being: The clients satisfaction.

Ángel Hernández Hernández

Lawyer | Tax Advisor

A calling for service and the drive to excel. An inspiring mixture that has allowed me to be a better person every day.


Juan Romero Pi

Lawyer | Tax Advisor

The professional competence of ZEC Consulting is its team.


Araceli González Delgado

Bachelor in Tourism


Speed and responsibility in our efforts are our quality trademark. My aim is to satisfy our clients with work well done.

Christina Aguiar

Undergraduate in Administration and Finance


Our professionalism when dealing with the client is what sets us apart. A satisfied client is a guarantee for success.

Amanda García Rey

Bachelor in Business Administration

Accounting and Tax Department Manager

Perseverance has made me a better professional.

Martin Schroeder

Bachelor in Employment Law

Labour Advisor

The main keys to an optimal counselling is the lookout for details and understanding the client.

Dosinda Pardo Hernández

Undergraduate in Administration and Finance


A company´s success is a mirror of the attitude, motivation and commitment of the people who form it.

Julio Marcos Rodriguez García

Diploma in Business Administration

Tax Advisor

The greatest satisfaction of our work is the person it converts us into

Ana Inchausti Arregi

Master Degree in Law and International Commercial Law

Legal Consultant

We work to offer you integral solutions adapted to your needs

María González Garrido

Bachelor in law


A satisfied client means a job well done, and that's what I aspire to with my predisposition, flexibility and empathy to our clients

Zara Rodríguez Castilla

Law Degree Student

Lawyer - Labour Advisor

“Good luck is the result of perseverance, hard work and pursuing a goal.”


Work with us. If you are a dynamic, dependable, responsible and organised person with business training and who speaks languages. Co-operate with us. At ZEC Consulting we are always looking for experts in various fields of consultancy, at national and international level. If you are a qualified professional and you are interested in a possible co-operation with us.
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